Support the music you love,
connect with your favorite bands
and help keep live music alive.


Embracing the fans.
Supporting the music.

If you love live music, now you can show your appreciation.

LiveLifeLIVE brings you and the music together and lets you interact with the performers like never before. Tip your favorite bands anonymously. Send them feedback. Get the most out of every live event. And, all the while, you’ll be doing your part to keep the music you love alive.

Supporting the Music, Embracing the Fans

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You support the music you love. You’re an ambassador for live music.
And this is a movement that’s just getting started. So we want to keep you up to date as the app evolves. No spam. And that’s a promise.

Founding Members


Mark Willms


Mark is a renowned keyboard player and studio musician who has played venues worldwide.

Bob Riedlinger


Bob is an entrepreneur, live music enthusiast and a tireless advocate for the performing arts.

Childhood friends, Mark and Bob recently reconnected. As they were catching up, Mark lamented on the state of his craft, saying  “... there must be a better way to connect fans and performers ... to make the experience equally rewarding for both sides and give performers the ability to eke out a living.”

That conversation brought out the entrepreneur in Bob and led to LiveLifeLIVE.  Enjoy.

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